Friday, March 12, 2010

Over View of the project

Welcome to the LCARS Linux Development Blog, you can get all the latest info of the project on here, as it happens.

Basic Explanation Of  The Project:

LCARS Linux(LL) is a project to bring the functionality of Star Treks LCARS into the 21st century. We will base it on the Linux Kernel but we will be making a complete OS for this to operate in. We will need to make SVG images, AI modules to compute User Input(will be explained in more detail in a later post) and a windowing system to make it all happen.

The Team:

Hamish West-Project Founder/Leader.

Robert Carter-Project 2IC

Jesse Lowe –Logistics, The man how comes up with functions for the buttons

For more information, visit:LCARS Linux Homepage

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