Monday, March 15, 2010


…to everyone who has had to put up with the shaggy state of the forums, i am going to set tomorrow arvo aside to get the forum up to scratch, it can be found by cruising to and going to the top buttons and clicking the forum one.

Messages Boards:

@Project Members, The members only section will be coming online in a few days, so be sure to check that out, passwords have been emailed out to you.

@Visitors, Think you have some good insights, or maybe some skills that could be helpful? Have you considered joining the LCARS Linux team? The positions available (at this stage) are:

C Programmer to consult

Somebody with in-depth knowledge of AI to Consult

If you think you are suitable, please drop me a line at:

Latest News From The Forum:

No New Posts

3 Members

Coming Soon to this blog:

Detailed mission statements.

Concept pictures and animations.

Weekly News Updates.


That's the news for this week,


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